Updated: Sources for Hong Kong Video

My YouTube channel was deleted, unexpectedly.  I will attempt to upload the video, on my new channel, if I can find the video.  The links are still relevant.

The Truth About The Hong Kong Protests

The Truth About The Uyghurs


Kyle’s Investment of $143 Million if China’s Economy Tanks

Steve Bannon & Miles Kwok vs Hong Kong

Murder Case That Lit the Fuse on Hong Kong

Silencing Dissedents on Social Media

Using HARPA to determine whether one should own a gun

Miles was accused of being a spy for China but denies it:

Mystery Surrounds Flamboyant, GOP-Linked Chinese Exile Billionaire

He sued Roger Stone for Defamation

Guo Wengui’s Chinese Property was seized and sold, online.

Who is Guo Wengui?


China’s Economic Development

Harry Potter wizard.

Moses and The 5 Demands.

Another criminal, Denise Ho?!

Leaders of Hong Kong’s ‘leaderless’ protesters, in Taiwan.

Meanwhile, Miles Kwok, Steve Bannon, and Mr. Luther enjoy cigars, while discussing the “CCP,” Trump’s tax returns, and Deutsche Bank on 9.09.2019:


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