Western propaganda on Xinjiang often sounds like white supremacists

Western propaganda on Xinjiang often sounds like white supremacists

And herein lies the real problem. While living standards in the West – both economic and moral – are largely either declining or have stagnated, life in China is improving day by day. But Chinese people are supposed to be oppressed and poor. Seeing them grow rich irritates the propagandists to no end. Perhaps they can shout “It’s the birth rates” into the void to alleviate the pain.

Winners, losers in Xinjiang cotton row

Winners, losers in Xinjiang cotton row

For politicians with wide-ranging commercial interest in China, it really hurts. One named person facing China’s sanctions saw his family fortune dwindle by US$1bil as businesses linked to him are hit, according to social media posts.

According to media reports, Germany’s Adidas saw its share price plunge by over 6% on March 25. Adidas and US-based Nike saw their combined market value dissipate by more than 70 billion yuan or US$10.7bil. The market value of H&M; slumped by about 4.8bil yuan.

US forces ‘Xinjiang forced labor’ narrative on enterprises, industry agencies

US forces ‘Xinjiang forced labor’ narrative on enterprises, industry agencies

The US Agency for International Development has also been found to be supporting and participating in BCI activities.

Influenced by the council team, the BCI head office set up a special team on April 1, 2020 to investigate “forced labor” in Xinjiang, which included 11 member retailers, consulting companies and civil organizations, such as Shelly Heald Han from the FLA, Komala Ramachandra from Human Rights Watch, and Allison Gill from International Labor Rights Forum.

“Currently, BCI’s activities in Xinjiang have been suspended, which means it has lost nearly 90 percent of its business in China – it is cutting off its own limbs,” an insider who requested anonymity told the Global Times.

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China branch of cotton trade body finds no forced labour in Xinjiang